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Haganekyo Consultingへようこそ。私たちはより良いビジネスチャンスに出会うことを重視し、法人または個人の方のビジネス上でのお悩みをIT開発やインターネットマーケティングのソリューションご提供致します。

I. Market Research


II. Web Design

Webサイト‧(android/ios)アプリのカスタム設計・開発制作:コーポレートサイト、キュレーションメディアサイト、ECサイト、ランディングページ(Landing Page)制作などのデザイン提案からコーディングまでワンストップで行います。



IV. Web Advertising




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Welcome to Haganekyo Consulting. To utilize our digital transformation consulting service with a solid network across major cities in APAC market in leveraging your business, you can first send inquiries to info@haganekyo.net so we can get to know about your specific need.

Within three business days, we will reply to you with the tailored evaluation of our service to you.


Haganekyo Consulting Customer Service Team



market consulting

APAC market consulting includes on-site research, telemarketing, influencer marketing, strategic digital marketing campaigns execution, venture capital matching, general translation, multilingual interpreters dispatch and more.



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Japan Restaurant Information Website “Haganekyo Consulting team members have established a long-term strategic partnership with Gurunavi, Inc. in helping them enter Greater China online tourism markets. We have provided BPO services like handling general business reservation and negotiating better cooperation terms. Furthermore, our product listing and multi-lingual customer care operations like 5*8 Chinese-Japanese bilingual call center agents make their submissions to major greater China OTAs and orders-handling ever easier. Our IT team have also assisted them in designing API to best addressed to the local market.”

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Evolable Asia

Japan Domestic Flights Booking Site” Haganrkyo Consulting team members have helped Evolvable Asia Corp. sell their services directly to the Greater Chinese market with our multilingual call center operation. With close relationships with major OTAs and the familiarity to the online travel industry, we’re adept at helping clients find their new strategic local business partners and also in providing rich API support for them so that they can easily connect to the OTAs through our full-stack IT development team.”

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Malaysia Child English Learning Site” Haganekyo Consulting team member has helped this Kuala-Lumpur/Vancouver start-up team Engleezi in launching their brand-new service besides immigration category- Child-English tutoring service starting from scratch. We’ve provided them with a turnkey software solution on the PC and mobile side with customized modules that best address the local and their specific Middle East E-learning market. We also provide rich APIs support for them to adjust quickly according to the market change .”

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 Skincare Product Branding “Haganekyo Consulting team members have helped this Dallas-based boutique skincare brand expand its market share in APAC market with BPO and market consulting services: providing them with skillful multilingual and professional sales agents in expanding partnership in the Greater China market.”

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Japan Foundation

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“Haganekyo Consulting team members have helped Japan government’s independent administrative institution in market research for the oversea education market, especially in the Mandarin-speaking area.”



One Stop Consulting

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